Eclectically Sexual Poetry


It’s what he wants me to say, when he’s so far up and deeply penetrating each crevice that is my body. It’s what I think when I’m with him because he is causation for the reaction and births the situation of infancy within me each time I climax.

Whose is it?

He asks and I have no idea why, it’s a forgone conclusion that doesn’t need an answer. My body knows what it is, my mind is always on board, my soul craves only what he gives and ‘yours’ is the only word.

Come for me‘…

He tell me…softly and sweetly in my ear. It’s like the ‘come‘ is my ignition and the fact that it’s him is the key; ‘for‘ is my starter and ‘me‘? The gasoline that revs my motor and 0-60s my reaction. I want to feed his ego my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make him eat until he’s full. Serve him thus full course meal with dessert and have him desire more still.


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