Eclectically Sexual Thoughts – True or Nah?

Evening Lovelies!!!

“The happier you make her, the nastier she is.” I know all my Lovelies if the female persuasion can co-sign my opinion on this…hell yeah she is!


There’s something inherently erotic about a man who treats his woman/significant other/girlfriend like a WOMAN. It not only empowers her to feel stronger, more sensual, more sophisticated, more enlightened about what it is that she’s doing for you…that she keeps that up. And I’m doing so, whatever you ask or request, she will do her damned to provide. Nothing…and I’ll repeat that shit, NOTHING gets in the way of a well-fucked, well-pleased, well-eaten, well-teased, well-provided for woman! If her man wants her to walk around publicly without panties on? Call us Eartha Kitt in this bitch! If her man says meet him in the unisex bathroom in five minutes? That bitch is there in three. If her man says I wanna shoot my shit on your glasses when I’m ready to come? That heifer with 20/20 will buy some fake glasses so her man can cum on them bitches! Because it’s what he wants. Because it’s what he wants from her. And if that doesn’t get in the way of her “well-treated lifestyle“, then she’s down.

And the congregation said?



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