Eclectically Sexual Poetry

Handle this.

Handle all of me.

Handle this phat ass and phat pussy…lips, swallowing your dick so deep.

You won’t want to crawl out of it, see? My She collectively sweeps dick off his feet. Falling over into the abyss of my sheets.

Swimming, trying not to drown in my sticky sweet. He wants what he can’t have, see? Begging me “Please” by keeping my name in his mouth, on repeat.

But he don’t hear me. I can’t stand foolish fuckery, assholish, bitchassedness in my spherically infinite pleasure sea.

I need a calming, rock my boat and create waves on me, my body loving the course, rough bed-seas. Steady stabs and pounding ripples he brings…me to ecstasy.

Spilling over, now I’m wet. Stuck together, my creamed essence silkily slick all over his dick.



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