Eclectically Sexual Poetry

“Need to see you,” he say. “All that and more I reply.”

So he says…

I close my eyes, and imagine him there. “I’m gonna claim what’s mine”, he says, “drink your nectar.”

He wanna “lick my She, suck in my clit. Spread them lips and and slide his tongue in. See my wet, pink She (his beautiful pussy), licking me real deep.”

So he says…

He likes it when I’m wet, he says. “Fingers all in you while my tongue plays.”

So he says…

“Pull the panties low, grab that ankle”, flow, he says. “Part that pink sea, drip all over me. Keep it coming, baby, repeatedly.”

So I did…


‘Eclectically Sexual Sounds’ is back, tomorrow night at 9pm!


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