Eclectically Sexual Poetry

Inside I’m nervous asf, his hands remember just where to touch. I can feel his breath on my neck and such, but I can’t bring myself to look at him much.

His mitts roam my body and below, fingertips find crevices down low. His mouth covers what once was dry, his tongue licks and my oh my…

I close my eyes but I can’t help but see, his eyes so deep brown staring back at me. His tongue comes out to play hide-and-seek, but disappears just as quick inside my She.

Repeatedly he does this and I’m so tired you know? Over and over again like he never forgot, so…I gave him my best collegiate knowledge of pleasureness, graduating summa cum laude in magnificent head.

He asks me “why”, then “how come” and “when can I again”, I just say “my door is opened for you, like my legs and my calendar will pen you in.”


Published by AuthorJSDanielle

I am a female who loves to write poetry and also loves writing short stories. However, my preferences tend to lean toward Erotica or Fantasy when writing my stories, but my poetry aspect ranges. My podcast, Eclectically Sexual Sounds, delves in deeper conversation about the topics ranging from the acts of sex itself, to the engaging aspects and a more in depth understanding of what women want, men need and how both can benefit from giving in to each other.

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