Eclectically Sexual Poetry

My phone rang and he was on the other side, I knew it was him and what he wanted because what he wanted was I. The time we met up was too early to explain, but I got my ass up and my walking turned to running.

I stripped down to practically nothing, laying the seat all the way back. Yea, we in the car…so what I’m thirsty for the D and on the attack. This isn’t my norm but my mouth waters for him now. He peeps my She and smiles so wide, I can see his pearly whites.

He climbs on top, one foot toes the ceiling the other out the window. Hooking both thighs he enters inside, deep he delves and I sigh, you know? Happy that the D is in me, that vein appears on his forehead. Work he’s about to put in; sounds of creaks in the seat I hear instead.

Just when I think I can’t take anymore, he speeds the motion and rocks my boat. Deeper he goes, grunts and all, confirm his length. His scalp I claw, name I call and come again and again.

Just what I needed,” I say. “Over to soon,” he replies. Well if he wanted to play again, I’d be more than willing…then he said

One more time?



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