Eclectically Sexual Thoughts – “The Morning After”

Morning Lovelies!

We’ve discussed the lengths to which we’d go for sex, the lengths to which we’d wait to discuss the desires for another person and even the lengths to which we would deem it okay to freak on the first date…but we haven’t really discussed the mornings after.

Not necessarily after THAT night, but when you’ve sexed more than a few times. A few becomes regularly. Regularly turns into lust. List becomes really good liking! And really good liking is now a full on relationship. So much so that quirks have been introduced, behavioral patterns set up and the “Honeymoon Phase” has set long time ago.

All the things you like about him/her are there, just not prominent. Now you find out she leaves shit scattered everywhere. He don’t wash neither dish he messes up. She walks in the door and starts to complain about how now she JS to cook. He comes in behind her hungry as hell and wants cooked food!

It’s at these moments, people lose their way before they realize the road they’re on together. What once started out as holding hands, next it’s a few fingers and now its a pinky. Sooner or later, you don’t want to be touched.

Those things that you found attractive have found their way in the corners in the far backs of minds. No light on them. Fickle, trivial and petty are racing to the front to attach themselves to what’s unimportant.

In seeps temptation, too many hours at work, worry, envy, trips out of town for work, stress, another man, your ‘work’ friend, shrugged shoulders, quiet, quiet and more quiet. Don’t wait to confront that which you know to be a weakness right at the time you’re not “consciously with” your partner. Be the type of couple that can say what’s on your minds without fear of resentment later.

And when you’re talking listen! Really listen for what’s being said not what you wanna hear. Don’t get lost in translation. Or jump to the wrong conclusion. Some things (friendships, relationships, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc,) really are worth the time it takes to lose them.

Last night’s topic, Cheating? If You Know, Is It So?, covered a fascinating logic from a friend of mine who believes that knowing a problem exists and opting not to fix it, opens a door for infidelity – which he says isn’t really considered cheating. 😳😳😳

Yea, that’s what I said.

Here’s the thing…I can see, kinda, how that may be somewhat true. Lien in the case I’m describing up above. But if things aren’t expressed in a newfound relationship or at all, that’s cheating. If they are and the effort is minimal and you cheat anyway? That’s cheating. If there’s a convo and the effort is not put in, AND you cheat? That’s cheating. See my point?

Webster’s says, “the act or fact of having a romantic or sexual relationship withsomeone other than one’s husband, wife, or partner; b : unfaithfulness to a moral obligation“.

In other words, whether you have permission or not, ladies? A convo or not, gentlemen? By definition? Cheating is cheating is cheating.

I’m just sayin…


Published by AuthorJSDanielle

I am a female who loves to write poetry and also loves writing short stories. However, my preferences tend to lean toward Erotica or Fantasy when writing my stories, but my poetry aspect ranges. My podcast, Eclectically Sexual Sounds, delves in deeper conversation about the topics ranging from the acts of sex itself, to the engaging aspects and a more in depth understanding of what women want, men need and how both can benefit from giving in to each other.

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