Eclectically Sexual Thoughts


Allow me to drop something in your mind…

Last week we discussed ‘if cheating is really cheating if you’ve had the opportunity to avoid infidelity, but didn’t do a thing to keep it from happening?

I’ve had several discussions since, all of which center around the infidel alluding the idea that they’ve cheated and the person with whom he/she has cheated on remaining steadfast in their belief that cheating is cheating.

From God saying it’s wrong to maybe God meant that paper divorces don’t mean jack, to it’s the other person’s fault for not hearing the plea to it’s the cheaters fault for not expressing enough…what makes anyone right OR wrong? Belief or not – is cheating still cheating whether we knew or not?

With all of the varying opinions, one can truly resolve that whomever the actual instance of infidelity benefits? That is who has the negative answer.


*if you cannot stand the (cheating) heat, stay out of that kitchen!


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