Eclectically Sexual Sounds

I wanted to see it and I asked if I could, he sent me a picture, and y’all my D stood! My mouth couldn’t contain the glee seeing the picture did for me. It was like Christmastine on my birthday, I bit my tongue in haste to blow it…up, I mean because I needed to pretend was real and in my face until I almost licked the screen.

‘More’, I texted and he sent another, holding it firmly with the right, the grip so very tight. ‘Like my pussy, when he inside’, I sighed. Damn I’m horny and I almost cried. The next photo wasn’t it, the video took place of the pic. Stroke after stroke I could hear the lube, his breathing hitched and he was cumming soon.

‘Oh my God, I mean Lord, oh Jesus…crying out loud I need him, it, the dick. ‘Just a lick’ I pressed. Sent him the words and he replied, “Open the door…I’m outside.”

JSD, on a whim before ESS….


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