Eclectically Sexual Thoughts

Afternoon Lovelies…

I got a question, it’s as serious as it needs an answer. When you’re with your significant or your partner or your ‘Boo Thang’ do you give more than 100%? Do you put in an additional ‘unnh’ in the hopes that they do the same?

Ladies: What’s the one thing he does that makes you call him back? The one thing he says that that makes your body wet? Is it the way he su is and flicks, fingers and pokes, whispers in your ear while he reaches the depths of your soul? The way he kisses your lips and not the ones on your face, his tongue knows no boundaries and he fucks like he’s the Tortoise in the race?

Fellas: Does she drop a dollop to make you wet before she swallows you whole? The way her teeth clench your nipples and pull as her nails run up and down your back? You wanna open your legs but that’s some other shit, until the wetness of her wetness weakens you and they fall apart?

Which is it?


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