Eclectically Sexual Sounds – Station Identification Break

Morning Lovelies!

So if you’re aware, there was no ‘Eclectically Sexual Sounds’ last night…😩. This time I cannot blame Apple for my woes, it’s the MAN! Nah, seriously, I’ve moved and all of my things are essentially scattered and packed. I hope to have a handle on this situation soon. I am going to give you double for your listening troubles next week with more than the norm!

To those who were awaiting my lovely voice, I apologize, I do hope to stay consistent now that I’ve moved, or I’ll do better and change the date. Being halfway through the season, I want to try and continue it before the next season starts.

Be thinking about this: I’ve covered the idea of being up front and communicate the needs and necessities for friends with benefits/hookups/just meeting types of relationships and how they tend to have lives of their own…how do we get past finding out info that was kept from you during the situationship, after the relationship? Now that it’s over, should you be in your feelings – with huh this new info?

On next week’s ESS, am I being petty, messy or classy?



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