Eclectically Sexual Thoughts

What is it about watching two people in the throes of…#throwshandsup WHATEVER? Your eyes are fastened to every nook and cranny of their bodies, curves, wetness and hardness (even the softness). You don’t want to look away and you don’t think I’m that moment – that it’s wrong.

What you are thinking is that maybe, just once, that’s what the fuck I need in my life. For once, I don’t wanna ask for it or demand it. Someone to just take it. Take the initiative and do. Someone who’ll know what your body craves and give it what it desires. The power that lies in being on the receiving end is limitless with that individual’s built in stamina, endurance and consistency. The power that lies in being the one giving? It’s addicting. It’s warmth and soothing all rolled up into one. Your the surveyor of all things you control AND you dish out whatever, whenever and however. The fuck you say?

I love to have my She licked and sucked and kissed seductively until I’m so wet, the sheets are soaked. I will gladly confirm how well you’ve orally fucked me by the ways I curse and call you a ‘motherfucker’ (I am a mother and I love to fuck)! #IKillMe

Just not-so-recently, I’ve had the pleasures of being able to enjoy my a$$ eaten. It’s never been a requirement or even a request, but however this man wanted my body I was going to give it to him – spread wide and opened up for his mouth to devour. And he did! Those are the thoughts that cross my mind when I watch people – think about my own escapades and experiences; thereby heightening whatever bodily changes are happening while watching.

What do you think about when you’re watching porn or the like? And if you’re lucky enough to watch it in person….what do you want to do, what’re you willing to do and if no one would know…would you do it?


Published by AuthorJSDanielle

I am a female who loves to write poetry and also loves writing short stories. However, my preferences tend to lean toward Erotica or Fantasy when writing my stories, but my poetry aspect ranges. My podcast, Eclectically Sexual Sounds, delves in deeper conversation about the topics ranging from the acts of sex itself, to the engaging aspects and a more in depth understanding of what women want, men need and how both can benefit from giving in to each other.

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