Eclectically Sexual Thoughts

Morning My Lovelies!!!

Tonight’s topic is about that age old adage that goes something like, “What you won’t do…another one will!” I’d like to amend that and say, “If that mouth wont do, what will?”

Is there a replacement for head if you’re not getting any? At all! Is this grounds for a ‘hall pass’ because you’re not getting it from your partner? Some other form of affection that masks the feeling of what receiving head brings? Is it a deal breaker in the relationship?

Tonight I’ll be discussing some of the feedback for this question from both sides – the fellas and the ladies.

Just is the followers and listeners are aware, ‘Eclectically Sexual Sounds’ will begin a little later than 9pm. Be prepared to hear your answer, an answer or if there are more questions don’t hesitate to email me @ or DM me on IG @iamauthorjs.

See you tonight!!! JS


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