Eclectically Sexual Thoughts

I can’t stop thinking about that last time…you know that time when you did that thing that made me levitate off the bed? When my body shook feverishly and my titties were not my own?

Hands clawed at my body while your face was buried between my thighs, trying to see over my breasts and watch you was I took each breath.

It made me wanna cum right then. Feeling and seeing what my mind had already imagined. I couldn’t get close enough, I wanted you deeper inside her, please I kept pushing and pulling at the same time. ‘Just cum, for crying out loud!’

Nimbly you part her, wanting more still, me too I can feel me starting to climb. Your arms wrapped around my thighs holding me opened wide, I can’t run now. Nor can I hide. It’s going to happen. ‘Yes’!

That thing you do so well that only a choice few recognize as talented, it’s a gift that even fewer experience, repeatedly like I wish I could. Socially distancing is a motherfucker! Still I wait.


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