Eclectically Sexual Sounds

“🎶I’m making you wait for the fifth dateI need to know if you’re worthyMaking you waitNever too lateI need to know if you’re crazy.I’m making you waitA-ha, I need to know that you’re worthyI’m making you wait (wait, wait, wait, wait). I’m making you waitI can’t give the sweet of me, so quicklyI gotta knowContinue reading “Eclectically Sexual Sounds”

Eclectically Sexual Poetry – He Said…(reprised)

He said… “I just want to taste what you taste like. Lick my fill until you beg me to stop. And even if you don’t, I won’t. Because you look like a bitch tut keep your shit tight, tasty and thirsty for my tongue.” He said… “I’d palm your ass like two basketballs, looking atContinue reading “Eclectically Sexual Poetry – He Said…(reprised)”