‘His Perfect One’ Prologue

Aria was trembling.  She stood inside the suite of the elegantly decorated room, contemplating a run for it.  Her holding area was divinely regal and warm.  The walls were blood red and the gold temperaments that accented them were the perfect touch.  The chiffon wall-dressing help to add a mysterious peek-a-boo feel to the windows and doors.  The mahogany dresser, nightstand and armoire were handsomely crafted to also highlight the area; giving it a masculine but royal feel.  Her nerves eased a bit.  She could see herself in a room much like this, like her very own at her home.  It soothed her senses and gave her an inner peace from the ever-increasing worries of her single life, from tonight.  A Cali-king bed laid placed dead center.  It held her clothing from that day, but she wondered what it would feel like to lay on this bed’s Egyptian cotton.  As she circled the enormously large bed, she ran her French-manicured, acrylic fingers over the covers and gloried in the feel of it against her palm.  She began to imagine herself stretched out, hands above her head, gloriously naked and spread open by strong male hands…’whoa’, Aria thought, ‘where’d that come from!’  Being in this place had given her delusions of grandeur.  But she bet her skin would revel, much like her sense of touch, feel and her mind were right now.  She turned, glancing in the mirror at her luscious, body-revealing outfit selected for her.  Her eyes glimmered.  What Aria could do with makeup, Dom enhanced ten-fold.  Dominique spent hours of their childhood trying to cover what she thought were imperfections with her skin.  Applying cover to her beauty taught Dom how to apply shadows and blushes of different colors to varying skin complexions.  What she did with Aria’s makeup was flawless. Her black and gray charcoal eye shadow, made her hazel, near green eyes seem to glow under the smoky haze.  Her lashes were extended but not overdone.  Her pout was a caramel, espresso color, lips lined in the same shade.  Aria smiled.  The anticipation that shone in her eyes seemed more so at the feel of the material she ran her hands over: satin.  Everywhere.  She felt beautiful.  
Aria turned just slightly to glance at her backside in the mirror…her ass was perfection personified.  All those squats and steps paid off.  Those elusive dimples in her lower back were there – she’d seen Ryan touch Dom there a lot.  Now, if someone would touch her.  Panties, tied at the hip, crotchless; the rounding of her behind undercut the fact that they were panties.  Camisole, tied at the shoulders, falling gracefully, caressing each of her breasts, size 36 D – baring her navel.  Heels, sparkled satin and no less than 4”.  Dom styled her hair to show off her lengthened neck; stacked on top of her head in a beautifully messy bun, tendrils of her pitch-black hair brushed the tops of her shoulders.  The Intake Master was specific: no jewelry, if chosen, her Master would provide it…if he so desired.  Dom assured her that the men here tonight were the elitist of the Atlantic City.  The ones who chose a sub knew the rules and she was promised by Ryan that he could vet everyone that would be there tonight.  Aria told Dom she did not have to be there tonight, but now she wished she’d had.  Ryan also wouldn’t be there tonight, for the sake of her sanity and having her feel a little humiliated even more.  They loved her, she knew.  But she needed to do this on her own.
“Ryan’s best friend, Devin will be there, too”, Dom said to her suggestively, Aria remembered their conversation about tonight.  “He is one of the hottest, most eligible bachelors but the most experienced Dominant I’ve ever met!”  Dom’s excitement hadn’t filtered over to Aria just yet.  “Next to Ry, of course…,” Dom said with a little giggle, “I’ve seen him work a crop and flogger to perfection…hmm..” Dom wondered off in thought.  
“Met?”  Aria questioned with her hip and hands attached to them both.  
“Yes, what…oh Aria, no!  He and Ry have been best friends for a very long time, like you and I.  They’ve both been into the life for a while now, together.  Ry knows everything Devin knows.  I promise, that’s all.”  Dom hoping she soothed her friend’s worries, but near giggles at her friend’s stare.  “Devin is picky.  In a ‘have-it-his-way-or-no-other-way’ kinda way.  He has never slept with any of his subs.  He doesn’t kiss them.  He doesn’t let them kiss him, either…unless you’re kissing something else…of his.  And even then you’re bound.  He’s also…never, um…come when with them either.  He usually is virtually untouchable when it comes to the girls he plays with at the club, but he hasn’t ever had one in many years, Ryan says. Ryan doesn’t talk about why, but it runs really deep and Devin is secretive about those ‘whys’.  He also conducts scenes and does the Intakes…he’ll be there…at yours…tonight.” Dom ended with a celebratory clapping of the hands; a child filled with glee, Aria thought.
“He doesn’t sleep with, let touch or kiss…well, shit Dom!  How do you know he’ll want me?  Forget his problems, what about mine?  How can I make any hedge way close to him, if he won’t let me?”  For the nth of millions of times in her life, Aria was experiencing the fear of rejection.  Again.  Abandoned.  Alone.  Had she gotten so bad and so envious of Dominique, that she was willing to meet men she didn’t know?   She was willing to submit to a man she hadn’t even seen before.  She wasn’t desperate…not by a long shot! No.  But she was seriously going to give her goodies, damn good goodies too, to a man who by his standards couldn’t deem a woman he wanted to give himself to worthy enough.  He may not even choose her!  Aria’s face wet with unabashed tears, turning from her friend, sunken in the realization that she may lost yet another opportunity at something.  Her insecurities over keeping a man, having him remain interested or even attracted assailed her every thought.  
Damn Carlos.  He’d done this to her.  Made her question her truth about herself.  Made her question her worth.  Dom came to face her, wrapped both arms around her and placed her forehead to hers.  Aria remembered the way Carlos had made her feel like the ultimate idiot for thinking that they were in a real relationship. ‘I mean really,’ she thought to herself, as Dom hugged her, ‘who would want to share when they have me?’  
“We’ve had this conversation ‘Nae,” using her nickname from when they were little girls, “Carlos was an idiot.  He couldn’t feel a good thing if it sat on his dick and fucked him!  The only failure is the failure to try.  You don’t have to bare your soul to him…yet.  Feel him out.  There are other gorgeous men.  And if he’s fool enough not to see you before him and snatch you up, then he’s not worthy of you.”  
Aria looked up as she finished and let go of the breath she’d been holding.  Dom knew just what she needed and always gave it to her straight.  “I love you, Dom.”  
“I love you too, ‘Nae.  You ready?”  
No.  Yes.  I don’t know.  Hell!  Aria just nodded.  Dom led her to the awaiting limousine and deposited her friend.  The ride to the destination seemed to take forever.  Aria’s thighs rubbed together anxiously as she crossed and re-crossed her legs.  She smoothed her hands down her trench coat rather cautiously.  He’s a fool to not want you, Aria.  Dom’s words sang in her ears.  She smiled.  Her friend certainly knew how to make her feel ten times taller.  It was easier, she thought, to put on a show for the women feeling threatened by her good looks.  Even easier to do so for the men who looked, wanted or tried numerous attempts to get her.  But this man.  The one Dom mentioned.  Ry’s friend?  He was priceless.  A work of art.  The unattainable.  Her end.  Without knowing it, Aria wanted him to want her.  Wanted him to need her.  She needed a worthy man to make her feel real.  Even if only to…herself.  Would he see through her well-placed demeanor and stand-offish attitude?  The armor she used to keep those she deemed unworthy away?
And it was here she waited, to be escorted to the room for intake.  A slight knock at the door alerted Aria to what awaited her on the other side.  Slowly, she crossed the room to the door.  A second knock.  As she quickened her steps, so did her heartbeat.  She opened the door and there stood Ares.  Or his name should have been.  This Greek God of a man could war and plunder her any day.  He stood about 6’5” and towered over Aria.  Her short stature presented her David-like to his Goliath.  His chiseled, tanned skin shone under the hallway lights as did his long and banded, braided dreadlocks.  Wristbands covering each wrist, gold in color, just like his skin.  It was rippling and dizzying as she roved his body up and down.  Similar gold bands emphasized and adorned his biceps as they squeezed them.  Her eyes trailed the huge tribal art tattoo from each wrist around both arms; it swallowed it, curving around towards his shoulders and stopping at his neck.  The intricate lines of the tribal circled and hugged his arm, defining and thick – like his body.  The pointed ends did just that, ended; giving the appearance of stabbing the hollow area of his throat & base of his neck.  His firm, squared jaw and puckered lips, ripe for the sucking or licking, whichever one preferred, rounded out his upper half.  His eyes, Jesus Christ!  This man could surely stop traffic.  His eyes were…clear!  They looked like a mirror; a slated-steel color surrounded by bronzed eyelashes, nearly golden in their color.  Where did they breed this type of man? Aria felt mesmerized.  She hadn’t ever been the shy type and tilting her head down at what was believed to be his gifted package – given it was nearly in her face, she inwardly fanned herself, praying he didn’t mind the eye fuck.  He must have been okay with it because the small lifting of his lips seemed to imply he didn’t mind.    As she began to exit, the God stopped her with a palm.  
“I’ll be escorting you to your intake session this evening.  However, the Intake Master wishes your clothing to be…removed.”  
“Excuse me?”  Aria nearly keeled over, her hands out to brace against his firm chest, quickly removing them.  Ares cleared his throat and righted her.  
“The Intake Master requests your garments removed.  You will be on display for selection and he desires you…uncovered.  Surely you do not mind…the perusal of others?”  
“F-f-for selection?  Wait?  I thought this was just intake…” she stammered, “And honestly,  if it were you?  Not, at all.”  
“No, this isn’t admission by application…not tonight.  Not as yet.  This is a selection process, for the gentlemen of the evening to procure a sub, slave, slut, Mistress or just someone to…play with.  Although…” Ares’ eyes wandered her body.  “I have no doubt of the Master’s ultimate decision.”  
“From your mouth…” she muttered.  
Aria began to slowly untie her bows, both at her shoulders and hips.  Ares watched her and Aria figured that this was as good a time as any to become some sort of comfortable with being gawked and ogled by men while unclothed.  Not if all the men gawking looked like Ares.  The air hit her body, cooling the warmth that had enveloped her inside of the suite.  Obviously chilled, she donned a translucent silk robe and followed her escort into the hall.  After taking his proffered arm, they walked.
“My name is Tyson…but while we are here, I’m Ty.”  
“Just Ty?”  Aria raised an eyebrow.  
“Just Ty.  I’m not a Master or a Dominant, but I am in training…so”, Aria leaned forward to see his face when he said, “if this doesn’t work out this time, I’ll be ready for you real soon.  I’d love to have you…in more ways than you can imagine…as my sub”, he finished.  
Aria’s breath caught.  Sure, she’d flushed in his presence, so she said the only thing she could think of, “Wow.”  
“Wow?  Aria, if you don’t mind me saying…you’re beautiful.  Breath-takingly so.  Dev…Master DK may be ‘selective’, but he’s no idiot.  However, if he is, all the more for me”.  
With that, he smiled.  Beautiful, white teeth.  A gorgeous smile she thought and a dimple to boot.  Did men speak like this here, all the time?  A woman’s poor ego  could use the uplifting!  If this DK is an idiot, Ty is most certainly not!  Aria squeezed his arm and laid her head on his shoulder, or in his case, his elbow and sighed.  
“Did I offend?”  Ty asked quietly, stopping at a double door.  
“No, Ty.  You said everything I’ve ever desired to hear.  Thank you.”  

Nerves picked up as the doors opened to a lower-lighted room, vaulted ceilings and rustic feel.  It appeared every bit of its name: The Dungeon.  The wood seemed treated but warm, the furniture dark in color and the pillows scattered throughout were the only accents of color – but were hunter greens, burnt oranges, blood reds and mustard yellows.  The room was scented with some kind aromatherapy she’d have to inquire about later.  It alone soothed her.  Calmed her in a way that seemed almost hypnotizing, inhaling deep, Aria gathered her wits about her and stood straighter.  The other women she hadn’t noticed also came up behind her, some in front of her.  They were all similarly dressed: in next to nothing.  While Aria was only wearing a silk robe with nothing underneath, some of the girls had on collars like leashes, with silver ringlets on the front, hoping to be caught she thought to herself.  One girl had wristlets on with the same hooks, to be led away, Aria mumbled.  Now she felt under-dressed.  She hadn’t thought for the need of those things, Dom didn’t mention it.  ‘Shit’, she sighed quietly when Ty and another ‘Adonis-looking man’ led the women to the center of the room, where they then removed their coverings.  The small, raised platform that the women lined in front of was a stand of sorts…for the man of the hour, the center attraction, the one who would conduct the symphony that is her aria in “extremely Minor”.  
At first Aria was washed over in blushed skin.  She’d began to shake insignificantly unbeknownst to anyone else, but she remained relaxed as much as possible…this would make or break her.  Dom stressed calming down.  ‘Don’t be totally aware of your nakedness.  You’re flawless ‘Nae.  None of those bitches can hold a candle to you.  Do what you’ve always done…knock those motherfuckers off their feet!’  The doors closed as Ty leaned in and whispered good luck, removed her robe and told her to kneel.  
As she could see in her periphery, some of the girls couldn’t handle the kneeling from being upright in such high heels.  Thank God for Dom!  Heavy heels sounded off the walls of the room as she knelt, her nerves kicked up a notch as the voice she knew couldn’t be none other than that of the one she’d come to meet: Mr. Devin Kane better known as Master DK.  Aria blew silently and sent up a prayer of please-don’t-let-me-fail and watched the shoes that had made her heart speed up, enter her limited view.  As the melodic beats of Prince & The NPG’s, “Get Off” began to play, Aria thought….’here I go’.  

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