Eclectically Sexual Sounds

…short break is over!

I’m back, lovelies! Couldn’t allow life to get in the way of my conversations with my audience! Shot happens…and it did! While I’m still attempting to handle my shit, I figure I cover a few of the topics that I came across and discuss the plethora that is them!

So, Eclectically Sexual Sounds is back with Episodes 6 & 7, ‘A Plentitude and Plethora of Potent Purposes’. You see I love the words that begin with ‘P’! It makes me think of punishing pushes and promising points of reactions between penises and pussies!

I’m reminded of Tank’s, ‘Fuckin’ Wit Me’ when he says, “🎶Every time I lick it, you be losing it. These young boys didn’t know what to do with it. You got it all on my face, I love the way that it tastes. When you put it all on my plate, it won’t go to wasteThat’s what you get everyday when you fuckin’ with me.🎶”

That is purpose. To the point. That’s a promise. It’s a potent statement with a plethora of punishment!

Tune in this evening and listen for what inspires you, drives you, answers to your most burning questions at 9:15pm via all streaming services!


Update: Eclectically Sexual Sounds – Postponed

Good Evening Lovelies!

I’m writing to let you know that Eclectically Sexual Sounds will be postponed until tomorrow evening due to unexpected circumstances. Life happens. In this case, it really slapped the fan.

Despite not being able to be heard, I wanted to leave you with something that would wet your palate and scintillate your brain until we get together again…on a separate post of course!

Stay tuned to my blog for the hottest, steaming piece of poetry…


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