Plethorically Speaking

When I created, ‘Eclectically Sexual Sounds‘ Podcast, I went into it thinking that I would be able to create an atmosphere, much like the one here on the blog…a ‘home’ of sorts that would allow an individual to say whatever was on their minds, ask the questions that no one ever asked – out loud and then get an unbiased and straightforward answer.

It is because of these reasons, ESS has been therapeutic for me.  Then I decided that the podcast did not only have to deal with just the physical aspects of sex, but the mental and emotional aspects as well. So, I began during the 2nd Season to branch my thinking out to those who delve in the bit more deviant natures and the emotional ties that go with it.

I had begun to spiral out into a mindset that not everyone can be like me and voice their opinions.  Even to the point of signing up online and chatting during the episodes! So, I rely on their emails, DMs, in box questions, or even the comments that are sent via my blogposts.  Most times, it is in conversations with these people, am I finding myself drawn as I’ve always been (as a Psychology major) to trying to assist in whatever way possible.

And I am still learning…



Author of ‘His Perfect One’ and Podcast Creator of ‘Eclectically Sexual Sounds’

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