Why Now?

The question asked when they hear that a podcast covering the topics of my published novels, ‘His Perfect One’ and ‘Perfected’, with excerpts from poetry and blogs posted here…

I’ll tell you.

I am pushing half a century soon…not yet, but this Mama can get it! I don’t have time for the consideration of those who can continue to bite their tongue in this day and age when people who’s tongues are loose, say some of the most foul shit. You think I am nasty?  You think I am foul?

I talk about what no one else does.  I say freely and absolutely clearly what is on my mind, who is on my mind and what I like about what’s on my mind. I know there are plenty more out there who want to say…want to talk about it.

My podcast is their forum.

My podcast is our forum.

Come join us…Thursday nights @ 9pm, live on speaker.com.